although i'm still pretty tired. what's that all about? anyway, the weather has been pretty crappy over the past few days, but who cares? although tommy is walking, i'm not too keen on taking him to the local park. there's supposed to be a toddler playground in our daichi, but there isn't. i mean, even the bus stop over there is called 'in front of the toddler park'. *sigh* but anyway, the other park isn't quite safe enough for him. so we spend most of our time at home. unless we go to the mall.

today we went to costco. can you imagine, i only went once last month? ha! *sigh* but, it's time to spend responsibly, and that includes using gas (even though the price of gasoline is pretty low these days.) i probably spend the same amount at costco, just all at once instead of over several trips.

we are using fewer diapers, mainly from hiro using the toilet, and tommy and sasha getting cloth when we're at home. i can't wait for more sunny weather, so i can use more cloth diapers. i'm also hoping sasha will potty train soon (hiro is doing so well these days, wearing underpants at school now!). then we'll probably save even more on diapers! lol

still no photos, i haven't had the time or energy to sort out my problems. hopefully soon....