new dress!

here she is! very simple A-line dress (or something.) mom sent me the pattern last year, and then a few weeks later sent me this fabric (she had sent me some other fabric with the pattern). cutting it out, i made a beginner mistake and had to cut out the front panel in two pieces. that's why there's a ribbon down the front. at first i was going to skip it, because you couldn't really tell it was pieced (because of the print). but, it bothered me enough to go out and get some ribbon. i also got buttons at that time. is it not the cutest? the fabric was so pretty, very summery/tropical with shiny gold dots.

fabric detail

of course, i put it on her to check if it fit (i messed up the arm holes a bit...) and she wanted to wear it for the rest of the day. i had to hide it that night and sure enough, she wanted to wear it the next day! sorry sweetie, early march is not the best time to wear a sleeveless dress! lol

close up of sasha in new dress


today was a 'sobetsukai' (or something) at hiro's school. yoshi took the day off and went with us (thank the stars, because he was the one who chased after tommy all morning). first there was a kind of class meeting, then the parents (mothers, mainly) and the students made a memory picture for the school year, and then there was a ceremony where each class sang a song, the teachers sang a song and then the teachers were given gifts. oh! and hiro got a certificate for perfect attendance (for the five months he's been going. five months! seems like one! LOL) so that was good. then i got some 'me' time in the afternoon, and i think i've had enough coffee for me to finish a couple of dresses tonight! lol