ah well. that's ok.

i didn't go to the doctor after all. i felt soooo much better yesterday, i am obviously on the mend. it seems wasteful to go to the doctor and spend money when i really don't need medicine now. my neck has been better since thursday, i never had a fever and i just have a little cough. so, i didn't go. but i'm fine, don't worry.

nothing really going on this weekend. it's been a three-day-weekend, so lots of yoshi around the house. that's cool for the kids. :) me, too, because then i can do more things on my own. that's really nice, too. today, though, yoshi has his lecture, and he's going to the library afterward. *sigh* it's good for him, though, to have some time to himself, too.

well, another week of hiro at home. lucky us!