tommy loves pajamas. i mean, really really LOVES pajamas. even though he has never seen 'okaasan to ishou', he knows the pajama song and sings it whenever we put his pajamas on. he is constantly bringing me pajamas and shouting, 'PA!!!' anyone's pajamas, as long as he's can get his hands on them, he will pick them up and give them to me. and today, he insisted on wearing his pajamas all. day. long. he cried when i tried to change his diaper this morning, and after changing he tried to put his pajamas back on. i decided to humor him. he LOVED it! every time i changed his diaper he whined because he thought i was going to take off his beloved pajamas. lol he didn't even want to take off his pjs for bath time! (i had to throw the pajamas in the washer so he wouldn't want to put them on afterward. he got some fresh jammies after the bath.) what a nut! he wore them to the bus stop this morning, then to hiro's school (i had to go there for a little bit of kindy business), then to the store, then later when we got sasha's polio vaccination, then again to the store. he wanted to play in the back yard with hiro and sasha but i wouldn't let him in his jammies. so, he stayed inside. but i'm not sure he really regretted it. what a funny baby!