fun in the wagon

a friend invited us to visit her beautiful part of japan over the weekend, and of course we accepted! we had a lovely time, especially the kids. hiro and sasha are at an age where they're finally looking forward to playing with others, even if they're really shy. kindergarten has been good for hiro. i can tell because he actually talked to victoria and a new friend we made this weekend (an american ALT in rural miyazaki), it's lovely to see him growing up! sasha was pretty shy, but warmed up to our hosts by early sunday. and tommy...well tommy is popular where ever we go. when we first got there on saturday morning, two of victoria's kids first asked, 'where's tommy?' LOL

i didn't take many pictures over the weekend, mainly because we did a lot of talking and drinking wine. oh, and a quick trip to an onsen. i did get a few of the kids playing, though. so cute!

happy in the wagon

"we're going for a ride!"