we had a lovely holiday during the golden week, but i didn't take many pictures. it's a long drive with three small children. i always enjoy visiting with friends and making new friends, but i wouldn't exactly call it a vacation. we cook a lot, we clean a lot and someone is always chasing after children (though i think all of us mothers admit we get the husbands and/or older children to do most of the baby-minding. rachel and victoria's older ones did an excellent job this year!)

i did lose my patience with sasha a couple of times, which prompted another mother to tell me to try to be kinder to her. *sigh* i guess she also made some kind of comment to my brother about how mothers are harder on their daughters and have soft spots for their sons. hm. well, sasha needs me constantly for whatever reason (actually, there are probably several reasons) and is my little shadow. i cannot escape her. ever. well, maybe for a few minutes or so but if i am around, sasha will find me. over the holiday at victoria's, hiro was with the older boys and tommy was quite happy to spend his time with yoshi so i really had no reason to get fed-up with either of them. i don't favor my boys, i really don't think i do. i just don't have the personality to always be needed. i don't want to be impatient with sasha, but i never get the chance to recharge. *sigh* poor sasha. rest assured she gets plenty of hugs and kisses and books read to her and play time with mommy and daddy. i just kinda wish i could be out of her sight for more than two minutes. (of course, i do get my 'free time', often on weekends, when i leave her with yoshi, but i have to physically leave the house. if i go upstairs to lie on the bed or read a book, or even just try to go to the bathroom, sasha will find me....)

anyway, this year the weather did not cooperate and it was pretty cold and wet this year. kind of a bummer but hardly a disaster as victoria has loads of room and plenty of things to do. i had wished to go to the gorge this year since my brother was with us, but as it was we did go to the onsen, i actually took the kids for a drive and did a little sight-seeing with them and as usual we had plenty of good food to eat, yummy drinks to consume and lively conversation--and a saxophone serenade! yoga in the morning, visitors at all hours (including a cat with a moustache!) and even videos in the main hall for entertainment. another awesome golden week holiday in miyazaki.

very sorry but no photos this year. :(