hiro had a day off today. this morning there was (crop dusting??) by airplane in the area where hiro's school is, so they closed the school for the day. yesterday was a kind of parents day at the school instead. *sigh* yoshi couldn't go because of a previous engagement, so i had to go with all three children. it wasn't too bad, though, even with tommy and sasha running all around.

i had planned on going to the aquarium today, but everyone was FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT this morning that i didn't want to deal with it. so, we stayed home. tommy was in bed by 11 for his nap (and didn't get up until after two!!) ane sasha and even hiro had a nap this afternoon. that's a relief but i am sooooo ready for the day to be over. just put tommy in bed and am thiiiiis close to putting the other two in bed, too. *sigh*