alternative title: it's like spaghetti but with lots of cheese. that means lasagna for dinner.

this morning we had planned on going to mr. donut, but for some reason feelings were running toward the high-strung, mainly sasha screaming for no freakin' reason. so, we didn't go. hiro really understood this time, that the behavior of others affects him. poor guy. :( and tommy was asking to mr. donut and had a melt-down when i had to tell him no. poor us. :(

the weather is crap so we can't even go to a park. this summer sucks hard. i'm curious, those who are in japan: are they bemoaning the slow beer sales (assuming slow beer sales, though i am unaware of how the rest of japan is doing weather-wise. everyone else have fricken rain?) like they did four years ago (or so)? so funny, with the weather forecast there would be a beer mug and so much discussion on how little beer was being sold that year. priorities, right?! anyway, cabin fever central around here. time to break out the costumes, i think...

another fairly uneventful day here. always a blessing (except for the screaming. for the love of all that's holy, let's cut back on the screaming!)