tuesday was a scorcher! it was so hot. thank goodness for the air conditioner. yesterday, however, was cool and rainy. seriously, i think it was about 31 C on tuesday and 21 C yesterday! nice. the summer can do that until september, thank you very much!

...except the kids were quite testy yesterday. testing my patience that is. we need to go out and play every day. i had also promised them a trip to costco but had to cancel. poor kids. they really like pizza!

today was cloudy and humid. kind of blah. but we could go to costco, and so we did. tommy and sasha fell asleep in the car (on the way home), but hiro did not. so now, i think it's nearly time for bed, except hiro and sasha are *quietly* playing with stuffed animals. they were 'putting them to bed' but now i think they're working on a tower of stuffies. cute.

ok, now about me. for some reason, since the weekend, i've been really really hungry. if i eat my breakfast at seven, i'm starving by nine. we may or may not have a snack. around noon, i eat lunch. then am just ravenous thirty minutes later. it's really weird. isn't summer supposed to suppress your appetite? it's a lot like a breastfeeding hunger (but tommy weaned six months ago...) i have been drinking loads of water, as i usually do. it's so weird feeling hungry all the time....

and finally, another tangent. one of the butterflies broke out of its chrysalis. i took some pictures but haven't uploaded them yet. hopefully tomorrow. uh-oh, sasha is starting to melt down. time for bed!