sasha's tomatoes

so, this afternoon while checking the pumpkin plants and the cucumbers, i came across a really big bug. so, i decided to take a picture of it. then i took pictures of tomatoes...then pests. ew. so, the bug that started it all:

big hopper

some tomatoes:

tomato flowers (momotaro)
momotaro flowers

fruit tomatoes
fruit tomatoes. i am beginning to wonder if they'll ever turn red. are they a green tomato??

fresh tomatoes
tomatoes which sasha picked. and ate.

bruised tomatoes
fruit tomatoes which are getting damaged by the wind.

mini tomatoes
cherry tomatoes which are turning red.

now, pests. basically caterpillars. ew. the green ones eat the tomatoes and they (the tomatoes) stay green. but the orangey-yellow one made the tomato black and gross.

yucky pests


worm in tomato

yuck yuck!


lastly...the potato pests (orange with black spots, not ladybugs) moved to the eggplants

damaged eggplant

and are starting in on the tomatoes:

damaged tomato

i've been squishing them and didn't find any while out photographing. that's a good thing, right?

and a last photo, a successfully pollinated kabocha (done between downpours):