sorry about last week's fluffier than usual posting. we were all pretty sick. hiro had a fever on tuesday, and i had to go get him from school. sadly, when i got the call, i had just arrived at a shopping center in kita-q, tommy and sasha were hungry so we didn't get to the school for nearly three hours. then, on wednesday i had a terrible head cold. thankfully it was only really bad for one day, but on thursday sasha and tommy were sick. friday we were all recovering. then it was the weekend, what can i say?

we've been slowly easing into this week (hello wednesday!) but the rain has pretty much kept us housebound. i am slowly going insane! i think we will go to a shopping center today (hello mr. donut!) with covered parking just to get out and do something. *sigh* LOVE the rain (reminds me a bit of home) but hate the rain. you know?

ok, hopefully back to regular not too fluffy posting from now on!