this morning i fell down the steps outside our house. i'm not entirely sure how it happened. i was helping tommy down the steps and somehow (i think he was gripping my hand very hard and i turned at a weird angle,'s NOT his fault, i just went down the stairs funny) i missed the step and my flimsy shoe slipped and my loose ankle foot slipped down the concrete step and i skinned my ankle. since i was helping tommy down the stairs i fell backwards but tommy let me go (thank goodness) and i fell by myself. we only have four or five steps, so it wasn't a bad fall, except i hit the back of my head on the mailbox pole. damn! it was really weird, because i wasn't really in pain, just my ankle was stinging, and my hand where i braced my fall. but i was a bit dizzy and i felt just slightly nauseous. ugh.

we were preparing to go to costco so hiro and sasha shouted, 'what happened?!' (my head made a big noise on the mailbox! LOL) and hiro rushed over and started rubbing my head. i really had to take them out, we haven't been anywhere lately (except for all the running around we did yesterday) so i got them in the car, took an aspirin and left.

i'm ok, but i do not want to hit my head again any time soon!