we had 'beer' at dinner, that is, happoshu (or is that haposhu? i have no idea. beer that is not beer) so if this post is incoherent, that's why. not because i whacked my head the other day (wednesday? *sigh* what the frick day is today?) my head hurts, though. i bet if i were bald i would have the most amazing bruise to show everyone. it aches a bit, so it must be pretty spectacular. i also have a headache, but that might be because aunt flo decided to show on thursday, two whole days early. *sigh* i wonder if a whack on the head will do that?

today hiro and i went to the dentist. we actually took all the kids to the dentist on tuesday, when yoshi had the day off, and hiro had a second appointment today. i think he got seals on his teeth. i also made an appointment for myself, because i barely remember having an appointment when tommy was a little baby (maybe two months old) and that was the last time hiro and sasha were checked out. everyone is fine, though we do need to make more of an effort to clean their teeth (bad mommy moment, let's bask in the guilt...) anyway, all good with my teeth, though my gums are less than perfect. i really need to make more of an effort. i also got a cleaning today, fully cleaned *and* polished (woo hoo!) and DON'T have to go back to get it finished. bonus! and, to top it all off, it was only about $25 for the both of us. very pleased with the new dentist.

this evening we had a kind of last minute yakiniku (BBQ) for dinner and that's why yoshi and i had a beer (and a half). we haven't fired up the BBQ since my brother was here in may, and i don't think yoshi got to enjoy it then, either.

shit! yoshi just told me he has two lectures tomorrow! he had one this morning, too! there goes all my fucking free time!! ok, now it's time to hit the umeshu. whine at ya later.