didn't do much of anything today. got hiro off to school (although it was his class teacher, so he was all shy in front of her. he ran off, she grabbed him and put him on the bus) but no tears again and was happy to have spaghetti in his bento (minus the olives. *sigh*) took tommy and sasha out for breakfast and then to the store. had a major meltdown, though, so shortened the shopping and didn't get milk. i got four liters on monday. ran out this evening. *sigh* yoshi's phone didn't answer so might have to go out first thing tomorrow morning to get some milk. just did showers and am not sure if i should just put kidlets in bed (i just know that once i put tommy in bed, yoshi will come home. tommy will hear him and then throw three kinds of fits up there until yoshi gets him out of bed. *sigh*) i had a glass of wine while preparing dinner (beef stew, yum!) so i am so ready for bed.

i finished two scarves last month but i haven't done the fringe yet. i think both would be better for some fringe, even if yoshi wears them. not girly colors at all, so the fringe should be ok. i think they look kinda boring without fringe. just have to decide the length. also been crocheting a bit, but i hope that now that hiro is back in school i can get a bit more done. not sure about this week, though, i may have to go to the yochien, either tomorrow or friday. bummer, since we have plans to meet kuri and pinglet on friday.