hilarious as it is, it is kinda mean, too. poor little confused sheep!

anyway, 'nother boring day here. did talk to a friend we're supposed to be visiting this weekend. just to talk about the flu and whether we wanted to chance it or not. i think we'll be going, unless there's a breakout at hiro's school. we wouldn't want to infect our friends!!

otherwise, i'm feeling bummed (what else is new?) and most likely won't be going swimming tonight (again). my feeling on exercise, diet and losing weight is, eat what you want (in moderation), and do what exercise you want, and live with the weight you are/become. i mean, dieting really doesn't work (though life changes can) and if you hate the exercise, eventually you'll give it up. for me, swimming works. i love the water. and i suppose once a week, or both weekend days is better than nothing, but i would really like to swim every day. i was going to try in the evenings (the local pool is open until ten), but i don't think it's going to work out. boo fucking hoo, sucks to be me. as usual. anyway...

hiro still hates school, sasha can't do anything without me. and tommy can get out of the crib so bed time sucks. big time.

oops, i think i descended into complaining. sorry about that. ugh. and it's only wednesday! hope tomorrow is a better day.