i know i promised pictures on monday, and here it is friday already...i have misplaced my camera (i know it's here somewhere). this sucks because i have also misplaced the battery charger for the nikon and suddenly find myself camera-less. i wish i could remember where that damn charger is! i miss using the nikon! *sigh*

in other news, hiro is still reluctant to go to school. this sucks. but it's not as bad as a couple of weeks ago. tommy misses hiro when he gets on the bus. he says, 'hiro?' in a really sad voice. quite cute, actually. sasha screams a lot. enough said. and tommy will NOT go to sleep at night. yoshi got home late last night (ten) and tommy was still awake. i was so over it by then that i let yoshi deal with it. poor yoshi.

nice long weekend coming up (five days!!) so we have plans to visit friends, then family. don't know when i'll be posting again.