man, it's getting cold!! quite unusual for october. we're used to warm weather until december! but it's been quite chilly since just before the typhoon. this morning was was sorting the kids' clothes, separating things for next year and things for giving away. what a pain that is. only got a bit done, just before getting hiro on the bus. also went to coin laundry this morning because i need to get the summer stuff all washed and dried and got rid of!! but what a pain that is, too, driving around with the kids but not actually taking them anywhere. sasha expects *something* every time we go out. oops, bad habit!

yoshi is at a drinking party tonight so dinner/bath/bed was a bit of a struggle. eventually had to turn out the lights completely so that tommy would settle down and sleep. i think it took 40 minutes to get them all asleep. now i feel like a used tissue and i think it's time for me to go to bed, too. hope everyone has a great weekend!