7-5-3 at munakata taisha

yesterday morning i got up quite early so i could get hiro and sasha ready for taking pictures. sasha was all for getting dressed up, but hiro wasn't. instead of forcing the issue, i only got sasha all dolled up and took her to munakata taisha.

in front of the house

close up at home

they were taking down the chrysanthemums, every year they have a 'kiku matsuri', kind of a showcase for the flowers. we did get a couple of pictures taken with them, though. then i got her a 'lottery' ticket, the shrine sells them for 500 yen, you get a prize and a fortune. we weren't very lucky (didn't get the flat screen TV) but did get a good luck charm/statue for the genkan.

close-up with kiku

sasha and kiku

(i'm not really satisfied with these photos, so i think we'll have to go out again and get more!)

then we went home, changed sasha and got everyone ready for thanksgiving at kuri's. it takes about an hour and a half to drive there, so we had to get the show on the road! we made it there in good time, and were actually the first to arrive (by about five minutes. LOL) lots of guests arrived, there was loads of food and the kids even got along with minimal fighting!! we had a lovely time, thank you very much, kuri, ping and the pinglet!!

foreign wives at thanksgiving