well, here we are at the end of nablopomo, and for once, i didn't manage it. i'm ok with that, though, we were pretty busy this month!

over the weekend we were very busy on saturday, sort of overbooked. the last farm lecture of the year was on saturday, which also included a kind of potluck lunch afterward. however, hiro's school had a field trip to their 'sister school' which is in fukuoka city. yoshi took tommy and sasha with him to the farm lecture, and i took hiro to school. i didn't have to go with him, so i ended up with a free day to myself. i had a nice breakfast at joyfull, and worked on cross stitch. then i went to mr. donut. i had a lovely sit-down with a donut, cafe au lait and worked on more cross stitch for nearly three hours. it was heavenly. i got home at around noon, though it felt much later. in fact, the whole weekend felt long and drawn out, it was kinda strange!

i had to pick hiro up at four, and yoshi and the others didn't get home until nearly six. a nice, quiet saturday.

on sunday we all went to mr. donut together (100 yen donuts!), and then everyone but me walked around the shopping center. i worked on more cross stitch and enjoyed coffee. then we went home and vegged out, and then had a lovely nabe for dinner. again, a quiet sunday, which we all enjoyed!