it's the most wonderful time of the year, innit? UGH. uh yeah, so sorry for the dearth of posts lately, i really have been rather out of it. you know, what with christmas coming up and friends and bloggy friends going home. *sigh* i am happy, i am where i chose to be, but still...anyway, i don't want to complain and be a sad little clown. what we've been up to.

the value of sleep.

the kids' beds arrived on saturday. they were pretty excited, in fact, hiro wanted to sleep in his bed on friday, a day before they arrived! hiro is doing great, sleeping on the top bunk and not getting scared or needing mommy. sasha is doing pretty well, once she gets to sleep. at the moment i have to sit in the doorway (usually with a book, waving my arm every few minutes to get the damn light to turn on...) and she stays in bed all night long. the problem (if you want to call it that) is tommy. he wants to be with mommy, in bed, see daddy, sit on mommy, hold the dinosaurs (don't ask), see daddy, get in bed....well, you get the picture. or maybe not: sasha can't sleep with all this talking and getting in and out of bed. so, tommy sleeps with me and yoshi in our bed. *sigh* before that, though, i rely on yoshi to keep tommy out of the bedroom. this only works a little bit. but eventually, sasha goes to sleep and then i can get tommy to bed. i am sleeping better although i still get kicked all night long.

christmas shopping.

i haven't bought (or made) anything yet. i think i suck. *sigh* i just don't know what to get, especially for the kids. they aren't really into characters (thank goodness) although we do watch disney videos/DVDs a lot. they don't need any clothes, although they kinda need new shoes. i'm running out of time to make them anything, though again, they don't need any clothes. sasha has dolls (i guess i could make/get one for hiro, but i'm not really sure about that...) i was thinking of getting a 'big' present for the kids and then a little one for each, but i am just stuck on ideas. i'll have to get something, though, hiro and sasha are really looking forward to christmas!

christmas videos.

i got a new video this year (like we need another one!), a micky mouse clubhouse one. it's kinda annoying, but not as bad as rudolph the red nosed reindeer. don't get me wrong, i love it and it's nostalgic, but man, santa is such a douche (in that movie)! ugh. and, for some reason, the polar express makes me cry, or at least tear up, EVERY time we watch it. really weird. and weird that tom hanks is nearly all the voices in the movie!! this year i'm enjoying the charlie brown christmas special, such a classic (the other charlie brown christmas special, not so good.) i have asked my mom to send the muppets' christmas carol, i really like that movie!

wrap up.

tommy is sick. last night he had a fairly high fever, but it went away in the night. this afternoon it went up again, and i think it might be bum bullet time tonight, and i should probably take him to the pedi tomorrow if he's still feverish. poor little guy. hope i don't catch this, but my hopes are not high! wish me luck.

only three days left until hiro is finished with school until the new year. *sigh* better think of an awesome christmas present for him (am actually considering a baseball set or soccer ball, but...) to keep him busy! i'm sure we'll go to the aquarium during winter break. christmas day i have to take sasha to the school for uniform fittings, but i am not sure if i'm actually going to go. i probably will if nothing else comes up, but that's a sucky day to have to go to the school! they will be giving the kiddos a christmas pressent but still... well, not their holiday so i guess that's that.

ok, that's about it. i'll try to update a bit more often!