have been very hormonal this week. it sucks. was especially bad on thursday, the last day of winter vacation, when i lost my shit with hiro. (let me assure you, he was being naughty.) not cool. and not all that great yesterday, when school was only half a day and i barely had enough time to get to the store (because it takes so. freaking. long. to get sasha and tommy ready and into the car. sucky.) and then when hiro found out we went to the store without him?


*rolls eyes* and to top it all off, yoshi was home late because of dance class. *sigh*

it's also been really freakin' cold, i am so over winter. still gonna be quite cold next week, too. dammit! bring on spring, because i am more than ready.

this morning i went out by myself. i worked on a crochet project that is nearing completion (yay!), then i went to the coin laundry and dropped off damp clothes (some that have been damp since wednesday. guess winter is good for something...), then to the recycle to clear out some of the new year's cleaning, then back to the coin laundry to fold and put the jeans through one more time, then off to misudo for more crochet time, then, last of all, to the gas station to fill up on kerosene because we were nearly out. *phew* at least i got something done....ha.

today i roasted a turkey because they were going for cheap at costco (23 yen per 100 grams. got a 6.5 kilo turkey for about 1500 yen.) it was very good, we actually managed to eat when everything was hot. it was amazing! even yoshi was astonished with how good it tasted when it was fresh out of the oven. granted, i didn't even try making bread, but with stuffing and mashed potatoes, how many more carbs do you need?! it was great and now i have loads of leftovers for the rest of the (holiday) weekend. guess whose in-laws are coming over tomorrow? guess i better go to bed soon, so i can get up early to clean. lucky me.

and oh, yeah, i still haven't uploaded any pictures. maybe tomorrow....HA!