my memories of the earlier part of the week are fuzzy, but i'll try to remember.

on saturday yoshi had to go to some neighborhood meeting from 6-8. it went longer than expected and he came home after nine (and is now a kai-in, i think. yay.) then, even though he already ate something before he left, he decided he wanted to eat dinner and take a bath. sasha had asked if she could sleep with me, and i had said yes, but since yoshi was going to eat and take a long time before going to bed, i had to change the plan and sleep with tommy. sasha flipped out (poor sasha) and had hysterics in her bed. yoshi didn't like the noise but i was annoyed--i will not be manipulated. (yes, she was entitled to her disappointment, but she also needs to learn how to deal with that. love and kindness was given to her, but in her own bed.) even by yoshi; i told him she would be fine and a little crying never hurt anyone.

sunday yoshi had to work all day but got home early enough for bed time. both hiro and sasha slept with me, while yoshi slept with tommy. but tommy would not go to sleep so after hiro and sasha slept, and tommy was crying for mommy, i traded places with yoshi. i found out that the kids' beds are nice and toasty warm (i was worrying that the waterproof mattress pads made the bed cold). but at around three, sasha woke up and wandered around, looking for me, so i went back to the big bed with her and tried to sleep, but four people in our bed is too many.

on monday we visited kuri and the pinglet and had a lovely day with them. we got home fairly late but managed to have dinner and bath before yoshi got home. sasha slept in her bed, but coughed all night (yoshi didn't hear her even though he slept on the top bunk with hiro). i think i slept well enough on that night....

on tuesday sasha was still coughing a lot, and poor tommy had tummy trouble. *sigh* that night sasha slept in my bed, but that was a mistake because her coughing kept me up all night long.

on wednesday, sasha was still coughing, but tommy was feeling much better. that night i made sure sasha was in her own bed, but then i started feeling sick, and threw up at midnight. up until that point i didn't sleep well, and after, i felt better but still didn't sleep much.

on thursday i felt like hell, it was an awful day (for me). sasha was over her cough by then, though, so i think she slept in my bed and i didn't sleep well with sore tummy and gaggy feelings.

last night wasn't so bad. hiro didn't nap yesterday at all (once in a while he falls asleep on the bus home, but he didn't take the bus yesterday...) so he was ready to go to bed fairly early. and even though tommy was grumpy mcgrumperson yesterday, and said he wanted to go to bed, too, he didn't sleep right away. he was still awake at 10:20 (we went to bed at 8:30!) but i fell asleep soon after that and i think he did, too....yoshi got home really late, he had a drinking party and i heard him in the bath at 1:30 am. he slept with us (and even next to me! the novelty!! LOL) but had to get up early to go fetch his car and do some work. *sigh* hopefully he'll be home early, it is saturday!!

in spite of all this non-sleep, i did manage to finish sasha's birth announcement (well, all except the french knots, which i hate. i need to clean it first, there seems to be some coffee on it!), and i've nearly finished my wrap, which i started last august. yay, it will be done after winter is gone! LOL