so, we're just doing the same ole thing, day after day. lots of shouting though, need to work on that. but in return, the kids need to work on listening to mommy.

today i took tommy and sasha to SUNNY, a grocery store (and one that's somehow owned by walmart) to get a few things. sasha loves this store because they have kid sized shopping carts. my kids do well with these things (that is to say, they don't run around like maniacs, crashing into people and things. knock on wood.) and today was no exception. sasha got two bunches of bananas, a mickey mouse/minnie mouse snack, a soda and string cheese. tommy got two bags of mikan, a soda, a mickey snack and string cheese. he also got a funky snack (fish and sesame and crackers and god knows what else) which he put in my basket, and which i did not buy. funny kid. at the register sasha managed to put everything in the basket for purchase, and tommy tried but the cashier just let him put most of his stuff on the counter. very cute. then we sat down at tables near the registers (hard to describe this, just imagine small tables with chairs at the grocery store) and had the mickey snacks. then a banana. then some cheese. jeez, you'd think i never fed these kids!! (this was after breakfast.)

then we went home and the rest of the day was pretty typical, play, lunch, video, nap, play, video, pee on the floor, more video, hiro gets home, running around shrieking (it is too cold these days, even for kyushu. i need thermal underwear so we can go to the park!), snack, video, make a mess while mommy makes dinner, video....yeah, i think we watched the care bears movie four times today. oops.

less video tomorrow, methinks!