this morning dawned bright and sunny, it was so lovely. i felt so good this morning. i made a dent in the neglected laundry, putting away washed and dried things, and putting through three loads of laundry. i even put out one and a half loads and they were dry by the afternoon. sadly, it was also cloudy and threatening by early afternoon. *sigh* sasha, tommy and i went to the city to visit kuri and her mom who was visiting, and we all went to meet rachel and her little one for lunch. i cut it close getting home, but still arrived with ten minutes to spare (which is so much better than needing to go to the school to get hiro.) i even got one more load of laundry washed (bed sheets, yay) but now i have to go to the laundromat to dry them. and tonight i plan on washing towels, although the weather doesn't look promising this week. ugh. but it was so nice to have a sunny morning!