on sunday we went to rachel's house to enjoy the gion festival. the procession goes right by her house, so we could run out and watch a dance or two, then go back to the house to cool off again! very wonderful! another picture post:

the stage!

pretty fan

buy me a drink, mum!

watching in the shade of the coke machine

pretty car

young dancer



the dancers aren't meant to show any emotion, but this guy (most likely sake-fueled) jumped out from behind the curtain and began to dance as well. very amusing!

finished for the morning
apparently rachel's intersection was the last stop of the morning, and the dancers were let out of the cars and whisked off in taxis to lunch. the men and women pulling the cars had to continue in the hot sun....

this was also the last group of the morning, and they were the most personable of the bunch. lots of clapping, singing and well, joining in on stage! i think i should like to live in that town!

young member of the team

next was the mikoshi, this was just before that.

here comes the mikoshi

hard work under the hot sun

lifting the mikoshi

after lifting the mikoshi they invited spectators to run under and back. then i ran out of space on my memory card!! oops!

more at flickr!

and last, a video, the first car we saw.

we had a great time at the party! the kids got to play in the pool, the adults had a great time chatting, and the food was great! one of the best festivals i have ever been to!