haven't done much today. i did get some time to myself so i went to joyfull and read a book for two hours. then it was off to recycle, then the shops for special meat (for yakiniku) and then home again. it's so hot these days, but i love it! just wish i was about 100 pounds lighter so i could wear a bikini all the time! LOL

maybe it was pretty obvious to all of you anyway, but this last period really brought me down. i mean, serious depression. i wonder if it's time to seek professional help? i don't even know where to begin. last month i was pretty blue, but this time it was bleak, like stay in bed in my pajamas all day, bleak. *sigh* i feel much better today. i guess i should take my B vitamins every day. any other vitamins that will make me feel better?

tommy and sasha are going through stages which are truly testing me and my patience. it's very difficult these days. and they shriek a lot just to get their way. and sometimes, at the end of the day, hiro loses it and cries a lot, too. it's easy to see how helpful it is to send hiro and sasha to school! but i do love spending time with them. i want to cuddle them up right now (but they're watching anpanman *shudders*) and shower them with kisses. my little babies.

next week we'll be heading out to GW's house. i hope! i'm really looking forward to it, so fingers crossed that everyone stays healthy! and i'm planning on taking lots of pictures, to look forward to that, please.

well, enough blather from me. have a great weekend!