my olympus' battery won't hold a charge. very annoying. i keep meaning to go to yamada denki to have it looked at, but i'm pretty sure it will be super expensive to fix or they'll just tell me i'd be better off just buying a new camera--it'll be cheaper.

which bums me out, i love my P&S olympus. this is the third (or fourth?) olympus that i've had/used and the first one i've had a problem with. *sigh*

so, i have no pictures of the cat or the dog. i would love to take pics, but i think the nikon is a bit too big and unwieldy for trying to take pictures of small, fast-moving animals. now that it's the weekend, though, and i'm not here by myself so much...

this week has been rather tough, actually, with sasha and tommy being ill. i finally went swimming on wednesday, which was lovely, but on thursday morning i got a call from the school, before i could get to the pool, that sasha had a high fever and then i had to go pick her up. ugh. didn't swim yesterday, either, because friday is my busy day, and also because i was so tired.

otherwise, i am feeling fine. i stopped peeing blood by tuesday, always a good thing. i still had a few bouts of pain, and had a severe stomachache on tuesday, but today i am doing quite fine.

i think it's finally summer. this week has been cold and almost-rainy, but today is quite warm and very sunny. yay for summer! i very nearly took the kids to the beach this morning, but wisely decided against it! maybe next weekend.

i got hiro some things for the pool today. apparently he will be starting swimming at school soon. he has never had a swimming lesson, so this should be good for him! i hope he enjoys it!

that's about it from our vantage point. all doing well and pets adjusting nicely. i hope we have another couple weeks of rainy season, though. i do love the rain!