yesterday was the big 'yakuin selection day'.  i'm not really sure what yakuin is, i guess it's kind of like PTA.  i never really understood what the PTA was back home, so i dunno if yakuin is PTA or not, but basically we sit down and decide who will volunteer to do what at the school.  there is a president and a few other 'top of the heap' type positions, and that seems very PTA-like, but otherwise....

anyway, our school has a music concert, a summer festival, a sports festival (in the fall), a mochi-making festival and an end of the year musicale (or something.)  (oh, and there might be something else, but i can't remember anything else.)  each class needs X number of volunteers for each position, and this year i raised my hand for the sports festival.  whoop-de-do.  i'll make yoshi do it.

there is also another section that we need to volunteer for.  one is picture book duty, and i always thought it was going to the school to read to the kids, but it turns out it's actually a mending thing.  i guess the books are checked over and fixed or something.  the other duty is cleaning the school duty.  i usually get in that section, but when hiro was in school, i couldn't go because tommy (and most likely sasha, too) would be napping.  or i would just forget to go.  no big deal, though.  (haha)  this year they added one more duty, helping out on kid measuring day(s).  three times a year they are going to have this (basically the measure the kids' weight and height, and i guess they need the kids to dress down to their undies, so having the mothers there to help out is probably best.)  this year i'm on picture book duty.  i hope i remember to go.

i don't have any more students in my friday class, so i didn't have to go to work.  it was a bit strange.  and kinda sad.  i forgot that i had to pick up hiro from school (something we did in first grade), but it was raining a bit and he didn't have his umbrella, so i went to the school to pick him up.  he was confused as to why sasha and tommy were in the car!  i had to explain that i'm not teaching at the school for a while.  hopefully some new students will join!