looking over my blog, i notice that i haven't blogged in a few days. oops!

wednesday was very difficult as far as teaching went. the teaching itself was fine; hiro, sasha and tommy were the nightmare. hiro wants to help and just gets in the way (it doesn't help that he has joined my english class at the juku for the past year or so, and kinda knows how i teach a class). sasha and tommy were really tired and just needed a nap but instead, they just fought a lot. *sigh* i also had a couple of trial students, so fingers crossed they will join.  thursday's class was so much nicer. my kids were a bit better about sorting themselves out, and the student themselves are just lovely. hopefully they'll stay that way for a while!

i have also been packing up the AFWJ Membership Secretary stuff that i have and sending it on to the next one. i will be going to kanagawa-ken tomorrow for training and then i will be done--as MemSec that is. i am now also the secretary, which should be interesting as well! after training, i hope to meet up with gaijin wife and others for a bit a fun! it will be nice to relax without the kids for a while. yoshi will be here with the kids, and i guess his parents will be coming over tomorrow evening. lucky him. i will try to take a lot of photos this weekend.  see you on the other side!