one of the cool things about being pregnant are the stories my mom tells me. my mom is just cool anyway, as most people who have met her will tell you, but she always has funny stories, too. i'm always asking her questions and 'did this happen to you?' things. i really hope i'm like my mom when i give birth (well, the fast part, not the screaming for drugs part...) i remember all the stories she told me about when i was born. i even remind her of things she forgot.

like, a week ago, a typhoon was heading for japan and i told her i wished it would come here to fukuoka and make me go into labor. it reminded her of something that happened to her when she was pregnant with me: while in cuba, a hurricane was headed their way and all the 'preggers' were forced to stay in a cave so that they wouldn't give birth. LOL the hurricane never really made it to cuba, and the typhoon didn't really reach all the way up here. it rained a lot and sure was windy, but the barometric pressure didn't change and i didn't give birth.

i really miss hanging out with my mom sometimes.