ok, so i'm not going to write about the poor dog who cried all saturday. god that was annoying.

however, yesterday (sunday the 17th) was the beginning of campaigning in munakata. there's nothing worse than people driving around in cars with loudspeakers strapped to the top screaming 'my name is tanaka. thank you for your kindness.' which is my crap translation of japanese and really means 'don't forget my name, vote for ME!!' the thing is, it often isn't the person running for office who's screaming. it's someone else on his/her campaign staff. oh, the horror of it all. bright and early every morning from eight o'clock they drive around and scream into the mircrophone. if two happen to be on the same street, they start yelling louder in a vain attempt to drown the other out. i wonder if they purposely try to find others....yesterday morning there were three outside my house at around ten o'clock. oh, to be deaf....only six more days to go.