early this morning we had a little visitor. i could hear him (her?) out in our garden. he has a purry meow just like illahee. how can i write that in the blog? brrrrrooow? (illahee often sounds like he's asking a question). this cat was all around in the garden, and i could hear him, but i didn't want to get up and look.

when it got lighter outside, i finally tried to look out the window, but i couldn't see him. he had, however, knocked over one of my potted plants. i went back to bed, but then i heard him hitting the wooden gate at the side of the house. i went to the window and opened it, and there he was. he actually looked more like my old cat michelle. he looked at me and got frightened and ran away.

but i've seen that cat before. one afternoon i was in the living room when i heard a cat scratching at the screen door. i opened the sliding door (but the screen was still closed) and he started to come in, but then looked up at me and then stepped back. he seemed surprised to see me, but still wanted to come in. but, after a few seconds he decided he didn't want in and he ran off. i wonder if he ever lived here?