so, on tuesday we went to the clinic. apparently, my cervix has dilated zero centimeters. the doctor seemed concerned about that for some reason. so, he told me to walk.

ok, so today i walked to the grocery store. it's a couple of kilometers from my house, but seems doable. i even took my own bag (see, protecting the environment!) the weather was perfect for walking: sun shining but a nice cool breeze to keep from over heating. of course, i had to go to the bathroom ten minutes after i started, but that's ok.

we live in a really nice part of town. it's really quiet. i had to walk through rice and soybean fields (well, not through exactly. the road cuts through the fields) and it's so quiet and peaceful. i really enjoyed my walk.

on the way home, yoshi drove by. he even stopped to say hi. 'hey pretty girl' he said to me. isn't he sweet? i asked him to take the groceries home, but he said he wasn't going that way. *sigh* it did get a bit heavy on the way home.

the weather is actually making me homesick. today was perfect soccer-playing weather. if you ever played rec soccer in western washington, you know exactly what i'm talking about. it was one of those no clouds in the sky, bright sun but cool air kind of days. i'm glad i could be out and about in that perfect day, but i kind of wish i had some friends to walk to the mall or play soccer with. well, really i wish i could be ten years old again, but that's not going to happen.