taro came and visited us this weekend. he wanted to check out costco, and see the baby. well, i went to costco on friday, but that's ok. i always enjoy the free samples. taro was really impressed with the beef. he went back to look at it twice! but he didn't buy anything. we got a combination pizza and had that for dinner at home. then yoshi and taro went out to find ramen, because taro wanted to go to a place that smelled bad--like tonkotsu ramen. hiro and i didn't go because places like that are not non-smoking, and hiro's too young for that.

well, yoshi and taro got lost (big surprise, since yoshi was driving.) they also had sushi. i don't understand that, i guess they just needed their raw fish fix. anyway, while they were out, or maybe last night when they were chatting and i was sleeping, taro decided to go back to costco and get some beef. and somehow, he promised to make us dinner tonight (sunday night). so today, we went back to costco. somehow, three days in a row is NOT too much costco. coolness.

we had lunch at a ramen place near costco. then we went to costco. then, i had to feed hiro, so i went to the baby room in the torias mall. after that, we had coffee at tully's.

when we got back, i went for a walk with hiro. then i had to give him a bath and then feed him. pretty nice, because he then slept through dinner. which was delicious. i told taro he could stay here with us. well... anyway, it's nice to have a friend who's a trained french chef.