on christmas eve, yoshi, hiro and i drove down to kagoshima to spend time with our friends. we had such a nice time. hiro received a lot of presents (we took the presents we received from my parents and my sister with us) which he didn't really seem to notice, but i took lots of pictures of! my sister gave hiro this really cute snow suit! i can't wait to take his picture in it!

we had a turkey dinner (and i even had a turkey sandwich today. i'm so happy!) which was very delicious, even if we had to wait until 11:30 pm to eat it! that's ok, it doesn't matter what time, as long as we can spend time with friends and celebrate the holiday.

jenn and i went to kagoshima city to 'shop' at the new mall. it was great going to gap and looking at all the baby gap clothes. there were so many cute things, and they were on sale. i managed not to buy anything, though. i would have to buy sizes for next year, anyway....

yoshi went to an onsen and had a nice relaxing time. midori and her husband came over and everyone was in love with hiro. i have to say, it was the nicest christmas i've had in japan. thank you jenn, ryu, midori, daisuke and yoshi!!