well, i'm a bit late for new year. we spent it with yoshi's family in omuta. then, after we got back, i was really lazy! sorry all.

on the 30th, yoshi started his new year holiday by putting studless tires on the swift. it took him a couple of hours to do it, and then i had to take the wet laundry to the laundromat. yoshi biked to work to do a couple more hours of paperwork, and then came home to help me pack the car for the trip. we ended up taking WAY too much stuff, including the kerosene heater, which we didn't use. *sigh* but i feel it's better to have more than you need than not enough. we also took the baby bath, which we only used once since we ended up going to onsens on the first, second and third....hiro's first onsen. he loves to bathe! (lucky us)

it got really cold on the thirtieth, and it's been pretty cold since. it actually snowed on new year's eve, just not where we were! yoshi kept saying 'good thing i put on the studless tires.' but we really didn't need them!

we ate lots of new year's food, even me, i actually managed to eat