yesterday was a frustrating day. we started off with hiro throwing up all his breakfast. i had just changed him into a cute outfit, but that's ok, he has plenty. he did get milk in his hair, so we decided to give him a bath. a couple of hours later, his diaper had leaked, so i changed his clothes again, and as i was doing up the snaps on the bottom, he threw up again! well, at that point i was pretty upset because i had done laundry the night before, then threw in another load in the morning (especially since the sheets on the futon got milked) . with the latest installment of regugitated breast milk a blanket got the brunt of it, so i had to do more laundry. poor baby, though, because he thought i was mad at him. with some cuddling and more breast milk, he was ok.

no more accidents after that, and we had baby massage class. that was nice and relaxing--for the baby--but i hurt my back from sitting on the floor and leaning over the baby! ouch!