first things first: i fell down the stairs last night. was pretty painful, let me tell you. i was going down to go to the bathroom when my foot slipped. i was going down backwards because, during my pregnancy, i was really worried about falling down the stairs. they're really steep and not carpeted, so they look painful to fall down (they are.) usually i fall down because my ankles are really loose and tend to turn over. i thouht if i went down backwards, then i wouldn't fly through the air and land on my stomach (and baby).

but if your foot slips, going backwards hurts.

if i were facing forward, i could have just sat down. instead, i scraped my shin (and will probably have a scar), bruised my leg in three places, bruised my arm and scraped some skin off my right pinkie. i tried to catch myself with my hand (thank goodness there's a hand rail), but i slipped the first time and had to catch myself again. i think that's when i scraped my finger.

i made a lot of noise and yoshi came slamming out of the bedroom and practically flew down the stairs. it was really cold and i started shivering and chattering, but i still had to go to the toilet. i carefully repositioned myself and tried to see if anything was broken. then i went to the toilet, then to the freezer to get some ice and chattered my way back upstairs.

of course, hiroyuki slept through it all.