i often get asked if hiro is a girl. i guess he looks like me (at the moment), so that makes him a little girly. but really, it's hard to tell the sex of most babies. i'm just glad he's so darn cute.

back when i told my mom i was pregnant, after she got over the fact that yoshi and i got confused about the marriage/pregnancy sequence, she started buying baby clothes. i remember her once telling me over the phone about these sleepers she had found on sale (because any sale is a good sale!!): one was light green, with two embroidered flowers on it, but just on the upper left side, so although it looks kinda girly it would still be acceptable for a boy (my response: yeah, babies don't care, and if it's a sleeper it will only be worn in the house.) another was light blue with a rocket and planet on it (my response: hey, girls can be astronauts, too) and the thrid was white with blue and red cars on it (hey, girls can drive.) before describing these clothes to me, my mom said, 'for some reason, i think you're having a boy.' (my response: ...!) at the time, i was maybe eight weeks pregnant. but you know what, sometimes i think my mom really does have the sixth sense.

anyway, the point of my post. hiro's hair is getting longer. i'm starting to think about getting it cut, but on the other hand, i'm not ready! if i don't brush his hair when it's still wet at night, when he wakes up it's very poofy (and adorable). so, the other night i put him in the light green sleeper...and forgot to brush his hair. in the morning, he looked like a girl! oh man, he was so cute!! sorry folks, i didn't take any pictures. but baby clothes really do make the baby!