the other day i was in tulleys with hiroyuki. yeah, i shouldn't be drinking mochas (but oh, they are yummy most of the time.) they play jazz in there (i guess because when you drink coffee, you want to hear jazz...) which is the nice kind of jazz that i like. (note: kristin does not like jazz, but the 'coffee shop' jazz they play in tulleys and starbucks is ok. esp. if you can barely hear it.) we were the only customers--well, i suppose i was the only customer. as usual, hiro was just along for the rid. therefore, we could hear the music. suddenly, there was a piano version of 'you are my sunshine.' i started singing along, softly, to hiro, and he just went still and looked at me with amazement. i was so surprised. so i kept singing, even after it got jazzy (i.e. unrecognizable as a song) but it nearly always came back to the melody at ' much i love you, please don't take my sunshine away.' oh, and i had a little teddy bear rattle that i danced along to the tune. it was so cute.

this works at other times now. sweet. when we're driving and almost home and hiro cries, i start singing and he shuts up and listens in wonder. the other day for his vaccination, i had to take his temperature and he was struggling, i softly sang this song and he just looked at me. we have a hit! sometimes at night when he doesn't want to go to sleep (but is oh so sleepy), i sing this song while rubbing his tummy. zzzzzz.

it's funny, because i never sang this song when pregnant. there were other songs i sang (mainly in the car. 'new york city boy' often makes him stop and listen...) and i thought i would use them for lullabys, but this...well, i'm glad he likes such a classic song!