japan has some of the creepiest bugs, ever. i never saw icky bugs like these back home (but then, i haven't seen every bug back home, either.) first there's the centipede. i hope i never see one of those monstrosities, ever. apparently they have a nasty bite. then there's the susumebatchi, which i call the evil bee. don't let the word 'hachi' fool you: it's not a bee, it's a hornet. scary as hell, you can hear their wings (my friend describes the sound as 'like a helicopter') beating against the air and you just want to run! view at your own risk! then there are wasps. there's a giant wasp that's hanging out in our garden. near out wooden deck. it's scaring the living daylights out of me....i hate it! how can i make it go away?? if it's there, i don't want to hang out the laundry. the fricken thing is huge!! *most unhappy smilie here* waaaah, i wanna go home!!