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hiro is six months old. i can hardly believe it!! look at how big he is. he still doesn't smile much for the camera. in fact, yesterday my boss was taking care of him while i did some substitution classes. afterward she showed me some pictures she took with her cell phone and he was smiling!! i was so jealous. i guess if it's his mommy he thinks, 'whatcha doin' mommy?' and gives me a stare.

last week my friend had her baby. he's soooo small. in actuality, though, he's one kilo (about 2.2 pounds) heavier than hiro when he was born! i didn't believe it was possible, but i forgot just how small hiro used to be. when i held my friend's baby, it just seemed impossible! (by the way, he is sooooo cute. i think that in the category of cutest baby ever, he and hiro will be duking it out for number one! LOL)

my little baby is growing up. he wanders all over the floor now when i put him on his activity map (see above picture. i swear, i put him in the middle!) he's turning over quite well now, too. and he can sit on his own for a few seconds. you can see him learning his balance. it's kinda funny to see him all leaned forward as well. go baby! he has tried cereal, bananas, carrots and peas. soon he'll be riding a motorcycle and rolling his eyes at me!