last night jenn called me and asked me if i had ever been to himeji castle. 'yes', i replied. 'when did you go?' she asked. 'oh, may/june of 2000. it was after kobe conference.' 'did we meet?' 'i don't know. i don't remember meeting you. oh wait. were you christine's friend? because amy and i met christine and her friend at the castle completely by accident? why??' 'because i have a picture of you at himeji castle!'

omg, we met over five years ago, had pictures of each other and didn't remember. how weird are we anyway??

i got out my japan photo album and there's jenn. she looks different today (her hair is darker) but it's jenn. yoshi didn't even recognize her until i insisted it was jenn!

what was my impression of her then? that she was tall. and i was so short!