as many of you know i have low self-esteem and really usually don't have positive things to say about myself. i do, however, really like my hair. when i got pregnant and read all those books on pregnancy they 'told' me that pregnant women stop losing their hair, but after the baby is born it starts falling out again. i expected it to start right away, but for three months everything seemed normal. i didn't really notice a difference in my hair while i was pregnant so i thought that maybe i wouldn't lose any. but then it started to fall out. huge clumps and wads of hair. it was so depressing! so, i got it cut off (made it easier to clean the shower drain...). it was lovely and i liked it.

now it's growing back. and it's so short it's curling. and with the humid weather it's getting crazy. oh, it looks so awful!!! *sob* i want my hair back!