...been washing the dishes when you realize that the silverware needs polishing so you set it aside. then you check the silverware drawer and pull out all the tarnished utensils. and since you've got the polishing started you might as well do the silver plate (heck, the reverse happens at christmas: you get out the silver plate candy dish and next thing you know...) then you have to wash all those things (good thing you still have the dishpan full of soapy water.)

what do you mean no? happened to me all the time.

well, whatever. yesterday i cleaned the bathroom. it doesn't really get that dirty, i wash the bath on a regular basis. it's the dust that lands on the floor and then gets all wet and next thing you know the tile looks all mangy and well...i scrubbed it down. then the sink in the next room looked grubby so i made a mental note to clean that as well. after dinner, however, i noticed that hiro had made an applejuice/water mess on the floor and decided it was time to mop. which means vacuuming. and if i'm going to use the clorox mop then i might as well mop up as much floor space as i can. so that's why i started cleaning at ten o'clock last night.

i know, i know. i hear you. the foolish girl who studies at seven in the morning also cleans at ten at night. but, in my defense, a) it's cooler at night and b) hiro was sleeping by then. so, i pulled up the rugs (i wasn't going to do the second room in the bath but then i thought, what the hell? then i moved furniture and vacuumed (couldn't do upstairs though, because hiro was there.) then i started mopping and guess what? yoshi came home. i wasn't expecting him for hours, since he had a drinking party last night. to tell the truth i was a bit miffed. there i was, smack dab in the middle of an over-haul cleaning and next thing i know i've got a drunk husband under foot. *sigh* got it done, though. looked nice this morning, until hiro spread cracker paste all over the floor....