have you seen the movie My Big Fat Greek Wedding? you know how toula's father is always going on about how good windex is for everything? i don't know if it's true or not (don't worry, i'm not about to spray the scrape on my leg), but i have heard from several sources that it is a perfect weapon agains cockroaches.

well, i have seen three this week. the first two (one near the toilet--room, not the comode--and one near the sink in the bathroom) i killed with a fly swatter. i was surprised i got them, i thought they were supposed to be fast. the second one i hit so hard it flew into little bits (legs and stuff all over. eeewww, gross!) after i swatted the second one (and cleaned up. eeewww, gross!) i remembered about windex. i told myself that if i saw another, god forbid, then i was going to use the windex.

well, i went into the kitchen this evening to clean up and what is on the floor? yes, i huge, fat roach. eeewww, gross! i was about to get the swatter when i remembered: windex! the creepy thing was zipping all over the floor but happened to go underneath a pair of shoes that i'm about to throw away. hoping it would stay there i reached up into the cabinet (all my chemicals are up high), got down the institutional sized bottle of windex, picked up a shoe and...no roach. i dropped the shoe and picked up the second one and...the roach was on it's back! spray! spray! spray! i sprayed that thing until its movements slowed. then i waited. it stopped moving. eeewww, gross! now i had to pick it up. i got a couple of paper towels and well, i cleaned up the mess. but at least there weren't legs all over...windex works!