so, you know how i fell down last month? well, it's still pretty painful (not that i can't get anything done, but if i sit in a car for a long time or try to...well, that's indelicate so i won't say it but let's just say it's a sitting down thing and leave it at that...)it hurts so i was pretty sure i actually broke my tailbone. several people told me that i should go to the doctor so last saturday i did. yep, it's broken. x-rays also revealed that i have hip dysplasia. hmmmm....the doctor told me i should lose weight (ya think?) and said it was genetic. he asked if my mother or grandmother had it. i didn't know. but, now that i've had some days to think about it, i wonder if it was caused by pregnancy. you know, with the loosening of ligaments and stuff. well, it just means that i'm going to try harder to lose weight. *sigh*