hey there! i'm almost one now, can you believe it? do you remember me like this?:


who is that baby? and why is he sleeping? doesn't he know that all the fun is to be had when you're awake? oh man, let me tell you.

first of all, how do you like my new haircut?

do you like my haircut?

mommy doesn't like it much and daddy keeps laughing. i guess i shouldn't turn my head when mommy cuts my hair, but i really want to see what she's doing! now, here i am in the baby jail:

baby jail

mommy puts lots of toys in there and i'm starting to get the hang of it. i often sleep in there, too, but without the toys. but ever since i crawled off the step in the kitchen mom puts me in the baby jail when she has to do something. doesn't she trust me?


here i am holding a pamper. i like to hold the diaper when mommy changes me. somehow she puts a new diaper on me while i'm holding it!! how does that happen?

we go on walks every morning. i see many things, especially dogs and flowers. mommy often takes her camera and stops. that's annoying!

let's take a walk

here are my blocks. i love to throw them around the room, and knock down the towers mommy makes. see how good i am at corralling them?





oops, that last one got away.

i am standing up all over the place, too. not on my own, i'm not ready to let go yet. but i use the couch, the chair, the table, the TV, well, just about anything that's taller than me. i've also pulled a phone down on my head, that wasn't fun...well, it's time for a bath. have you seen any of my bath pictures? here's one from a couple of months ago: