nothing much to blog about. sometimes i make up these great blogs in my head but if i don't write them down right away, i forget them. you're lucky i got that one from hiroyuki out so quickly!

tomorrow we're going on a trip with our neighbors. which ones? well, all of them! it's some kind of neighborhood get together, something they do every year. last year i was 'too' pregnant to go. this year will be a 'bus hiking' and we will load up on two busses, go to some park in kitakyushu and do god only knows what. i'll let you know, probably on monday by the soonest. i hope it doesn't rain! and i hope i remember the camera and take lots of pictures. speaking of pictures, how about this one:


hiro's first experience with bubbles. they kind of surprised him and he kept closing his eyes! then he tried to catch them with his mouth. finally he tried with his hands and was quite disappointed in his efforts!