hiro's been saying some words: daddy and mommy, diaper and yes/no. of course, it could just be wishful thinking on my part, and even though most of those words are 'da', they are different. daddy is usually, 'DAHDAH!' (shouted.) mommy is, 'mama'. diaper is, 'da'' (shortened da). yes and no are, 'da'. i'm not sure he actually understands yes and no (for saying, he understands when i tell him, 'no!'). these are 'words' i hear every day, things i think he's saying, but not really sure. and, there was that one time he said, 'hi!' but it was only that one time. some might think it's the wishful thinking of an over-acheiving mother.

last night, though, hiro was playing with his peek-a-blocks and i helped him get one of the toys out. it was a star, and i said, 'it's a star!' and hiro said, 'dah. dah dah dah.' and made the star fly around with his hand. 'dah.' my baby said star! i said, 'that's right, star!' and he copied that, too! but it might have just been the intonation he copied, but he definitely said star! my baby's growing up!